Scene from Proud

William Anderson, Frank Moher, and Karrie Ennis MacDonald in Michael Healey’s “Proud,” directed by Eliza Gardiner. Sept/Oct 2013 (Photo: Jackson Buchanan)

Next up in our Plays and Pie series of staged readings:

The Girl's Guide to Saving the WorldTHE GIRL’S GUIDE TO SAVING THE WORLD
By Elinor Cook

A frank and funny new play about friendship, feminism, and what it means to be successful. Jane and Bella are best friends who, as they enter their 30s, aren’t entirely sure what they want anymore. They start a blog to tackle the evils of sexism, hoping to give it “a scathing editorial tone that’s also warm and engaging,” but are taken aback at its immense success, especially when it attracts a small army of male trolls. When Jane’s boyfriend decides he wants to quit his job to stay home and raise their cat, and Bella accepts a job at the sort of women’s magazine they both once derided, Jane is left with not too few choices, but too many. READ MORE

Sat., Nov. 15th, 7:30 PM ~ KISMET THEATRE ACADEMY (55 Victoria Rd; admission by donation)