A statement from the Board of Directors of Western Edge Theatre

With regret, Western Edge Theatre has cancelled the rest of its season. The Society was unsuccessful in its grant application to BC Gaming, and without that funding, the Society's projected pre-production costs for upcoming shows are not secure. After much debate the Board of Directors decided this week to cancel its November production of Reasons to be Pretty, its February production of Antigone, and its March production of the New Waves original play festival. A co-production of Same Time Next Year has also been cancelled.

Provincial grants, together with municipal funding, donations, and box office revenue, have made it feasible for this professional company to serve Nanaimo with edgy, Canadian theatre; without them, the Society cannot operate under its current structure. The Board sincerely appreciates the contributions of our audience, members, talent, crew, media, venue managers, local businesses, and partners who have shared in the Company's past successes; we recognize that there is a trickle-down effect that could negatively impact the arts scene in Nanaimo, and apologize for this. To our subscribers: all subscriptions for the planned season will be refunded.

With volunteer efforts focused on researching alternate approaches to production, the Board hopes that a rebirth of WE offerings will be possible, and is looking at options to continue the Company's ten year history of building valued theatre in our community.

For further information, please contact Western Edge at admin@western edge.org or 250-668-0991.