Western Edge Theatre to hold auditions for musical “The Cult of Brother 12”

Western Edge Theatre will hold open auditions on Sept. 25th for the musical “The Cult of Brother 12” by Bill Miner and Marty Steele, to be produced in Nanaimo in March/April 2022.

Auditions will take place from 1 to 8 pm at the Old Victoria Arts Centre, Nanaimo, by appointment only. Performers from the mid-Vancouver Island area with a combination of acting/singing/dancing skills may arrange an audition time by emailing auditions@westernedge.org. Five roles are available; character descriptions are below.

Please be prepared to perform one song, preferably from a musical, and one monologue of no more than two minutes. Songs may be performed a capella, or you may bring your own recorded accompaniment (please also bring a device to play it).

The production is a paid engagement. Both mid-Island Equity and non-Equity performers are welcome. Western Edge Theatre pursues diverse casting and particularly encourages those who identify as coming from underrepresented communities to audition. If you cannot audition on the date shown, please be in touch at auditions@westernedge.org to make alternate arrangements.

Per provincial health orders, those auditioning will be required to present proof of at least a single vaccination to enter the venue. A mask will be required, except when performing, and physical distancing will be maintained. Western Edge will require all performers and other personnel it engages during the 2021-22 season to be fully vaccinated.

Character info (“The Cult of Brother 12” is set in the 1920s):

Brother XII/Edward Wilson (male, late 30s-early 50s): Has had much success gaining faithful followers willing to fund his Aquarian Foundation at Cedar by the Sea. A showman, he may or may not believe his own snake-oil salesman banter.

Madame Zee (female, 30–early 40s): Has grown bored with her role as Brother XII’s business and sexual partner. Sympathizes with Doris (see below) as another woman battling to succeed in a man’s world.

Doris Abercrombie (female, late 20s–mid-30s): Fearful of showing vulnerability, she operates with a Teflon demeanour and constant take charge mindset.

Ray (“Lone Wolf”) Dickerson: (male, 40–mid-50s): Once a well-respected journalist, he looks at all his past triumphs longingly, while self-medicating with alcohol and cynicism.

Freddy (male or female, 35–50): Tormented by mediocrity and taunted by sexual confusion. A good reporter who would rather follow.