2015 online Annual General Meeting

W.E. Theatre Society

Underway now through Sunday: Click here to take part.

It’s that time; time to stay legal as a Society and to talk about Western Edge, both recent and future. That’s what we’ll do during our AGM, which once again will be held online over a three day period, Oct. 23, 24, and 25. We do it online in order to involve as many of you as possible — which has worked out splendidly.

We will provide a link to the meeting website, plus agenda and instructions on how to participate, prior to Oct. 23rd. The meeting is “asynchronous,” meaning that you do not have to be online at any particular time, but may participate at your convenience.

If you would like to have voting privileges at the 2015 meeting, you must be a member of the W.E. Theatre Society. It costs five whole bucks. Having a healthy membership list is important when we go to funding agencies, as it demonstrates community support. And we offer perks from time-to-time to our members — for example, if you become a member now, we’ll give you a free ticket to be used at any Western Edge show this season 

To become a member (or renew your membership), please click this link and complete the form. And thanks for your support of Nanaimo’s theatre artists.

We hope you will take part. Questions? Contact us at admin@westernedge.org.

See you online!