Murder Is No JiveA murder-mystery dinner!
Did you love last season’s Murder Is Only Skin Deep? Did you miss it because it sold out?

You’re in luck! This season we bring you Murder Is No Jive, another merry evening of interactive murder-mystery fun and dining, where you get to help solve the crime.

The setting is a 1950s high school prom. The Principal is checking to see that all dancing couples are at least a football-length apart, and everyone is anxious to find out who the king and queen will be. Until, that is, tough guy Johnny Angel shows up to spoil the party. Only one thing is certain — someone is not going to graduate alive!

Whodunnit? The rigid chaperone? The sweetest girl in school? The quarterback who just can’t seem to make a pass? Or . . ?

Mayhem has never been more fun!

November 17, 6:30 pm
Green Olive Room at the Old City Station Pub, 150 Skinner St., Nanaimo

A fundraiser for Western Edge Theatre. Tickets $45 (dinner and tip included). Dressing 1950s prom-style (prom king or queen, greaser, nerd, bobby-soxer, etc.) is welcome!
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