4000 Miles is over now, but . . .

4000 Miles

“Smart, riveting, and yet complex.” ~ Quill & Quire


Clarice McCord
Icarus Skelly


Jennifer Kwan
Taylor Manns

Directed by:

Brianna Hamilton

It should have been the trip of a lifetime. But in this tender, funny play, 21-year old Leo's bike journey across America hasn't turned out the way he hoped and he ends up staying with his 91-year old grandma, Vera. They're unlikely roomies.

Family is family, though, even if your grandmother is an irascible old Marxist, and especially when your grandson has some serious healing to do.

Nov. 26, 27, Dec. 2, 3, 4 ~ 7:30 pm
Dec. 5 ~ 2 pm 

Audience advisory: Adult language and content

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