The Cult of Brother 12

The infamous cult leader is back – and he’s singing! The Cult of Brother 12 is a witty, irreverent, and very tuneful take on the story of the spiritual leader and con man who, in the 1920s, drew acolytes to Valdes Island from around the world. This time he’s pursued by intrepid local reporter Doris Abercrombie, who’s out to get the goods on the bruh and his equally cunning partner, Madame Zee.

First presented as a one-act musical at the Nanaimo Fringe, The Cult of Brother 12 has now been expanded into a full-length, all-singing, all-dancing theatrical extravaganza. Join the cult!

March 25, 26 ~ 7:30 pm
March 27 ~ 2 pm
March 31, Apr. 1, 2 ~ 7:30 pm
April 3 ~ 2 pm

Book & Lyrics by:

Bill Miner

Music by:

Marty Steele & Bill Miner

Directed by:

Bill Miner

Musical Direction by:

Marty Steele