In a World Created for a Drunken God


Randy Humchitt
Tom Rokeby

Directed by:

Daniel Puglas

Set Design:

Alicia Shalapata

Lighting Design:

Castor Angus

While preparing to move back to the reserve where he was born, Jason Pierce, a half-Indigenous, half-white man, is visited by a stranger.

Harry Dieter claims to be his brother, the acknowledged son of the white man who fathered and then abandoned Jason. Dieter has a reason for finding Jason: their father is dying from kidney failure and they want to know if Jason is a possible match.

"Smart, riveting, and yet complex." ~ Quill & Quire

Feb. 11, 12, 17, 18, 19 ~ 7:30 pm
Feb. 20 ~ 2 pm

Part of the 2022 New Waves Festival, showcasing Indigenous plays and artists!

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