The Scottish Curse


Andy is a writer at the end of his rope, who will do anything for a final shot at fame – including conjuring powers he may not comprehend.

Contemporary folk-horror meets Shakespearean tragedy in the world premiere of this electrifying new play. We defy you to come away unscathed.

Directed by Tamara McCarthy

3, 4, 9-12

February, 2023

OV Theatre

Discover Sean Enns

Sean Enns is a writer who conjures dark and tragicomic stories, drawing on his deep love and knowledge of myth, lore, and legend from around the world to create modern-day fairy tales for the stage.  The Scottish Curse is his second play to debut at the New Waves Festival. His first, Dispossessed, premiered during a staged reading in 2018, and full production in 2019.